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These are only suggestions feel free to create your own original phrase or saying.

Mom / Mommy / Mother
Dad / Daddy / Father
Grandma / Nana
Grandpa / Papa
Great Grandma /Granny
Great Grandpa / Gramps

_______`s Angels

_______`s Sweethearts

_______`s All Stars

_______`s Royal Cuties

_______`s Royal Gems

_______`s Gang

_______`s Blessings

_______`s Sweeties

_______`s Little Helpers

This ______ Belongs to

This ______ is Loved By

Happiness is Being a _______

We Love Our _______

Somebody Special Calls Me _______

I love my Kids

Our Hearts Belong to _______

_______'s Little Bratz

_______'s Best Girl/Boy