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Personalized Art Smocks for Kids

Posted by Julie on 7/16/2019

An artist's life is messy - but your kids clothes don't have to be!!  Our kids art smock is long sleeved to protect kids clothes.  It had an inside vinyl lining on the body and snaps at the neck.  The cheerful colors are easy on the eye and the two front pockets keep art supplies handy. 

Be Like Santa!

Posted by Julie on 10/30/2018

We had a special visitor this week! ??
He asked us to embroider his name on his suit, before the rush of the Holidays.

Embroidered Santa Suit

Be like Santa, and order early!! ??????

Track and Field personalized shirt

Posted by Julie on 3/7/2017
Track and Field personalized shirt
Track and Field athletes are training hard for competition for this Spring season. Support your favorite track athlete with a personalized shirt. Text colors, your athlete's name, school, and male or female runner will be changed to make this a custom shirt for your athlete. And of course...we can use glitter for those who want to jazz it up!

Personalized Track Shirt

Camp Hair - Don't Care!

Posted by Julie on 6/7/2016

It's almost that time of year when I send my daughter off to MAD (Music, Art and Drama) camp for an entire week. From previous experience, I've decided this shirt will make the trip with her. What kind of camps do you send your kids to? 

Now available online: http://www.sewpersonal4u.com/camp_hair_dont_care_shirt

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Posted by Julie on 5/19/2014

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Always hungry Boys

Posted by Julie on 4/3/2014
My son is the inspiration for this t-shirt. As many of you already know, teenage boys need LOTS of calories to move and grow. And they're always, always, always...

Back to School Clearance

Posted by Julie on 7/31/2012
Be sure to check out our Back to School clearance page. We're cutting prices on some of our personalized nap mats, insulated lunch bags and kids duffel bags. Fun colors and personalized with your choice of name or initials. Every child loves to see their name embroidered on school gear - make this year their time to shine!

New Halloween/Fall Shirt SALE!!

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2011
Let's get in the mood for some fall favorites! What do you like? Candy corn...we've got plenty of that. Applique fall designs - we're all over it. Pumpkin faces personalized with a twist - let's just say you've come to the right place!

Nap mats or Rest Mats for Kids

Posted by Julie on 6/23/2011
Summer flies by so very fast that back to school time just seems to creep up on us parents. If you have a young child, then chances are you're going to need a nap mat.  There are many reasons that your child should have a personalized nap mat.

1.  Germs...

Personalized Camp Gear

Posted by Julie on 6/6/2011
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