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Summer flies by so very fast that back to school time just seems to creep up on us parents. If you have a young child, then chances are you're going to need a nap mat.  There are many reasons that your child should have a personalized nap mat.

1.  Germs - We all know that young kids and the rooms they encounter in daycare and school can have germs all around.  Nap mats keep your child off the regular cot or rug and add an extra layer of protection.  Our nap mats are easy to keep clean since they are machine washable and line dry.  Or can be spot treated for those quick fixes.

2. Comfort - Buying a nap or rest mat before a new school routine starts gives comfort to a child.  Kids embrace routines and getting cozy in a new nap mat at home will make the adjustment of school or daycare easier. Attached pillow flips up for growing kids. My son was very tall for his age - and this mat fit him perfectly with the pillow flipped up.

3. Personalized - Kids LOVE to see their names on anything!  It really makes them feel special and shows that this nap mat is theirs alone.  No other child on the playground could dispute that, not when their name is embroidered across the pocket of the nap mat. It is also very helpful for young kids to recognize their own name and learn the letters in it.

4. All in One - With an attached pillow and an attached blanket, nothing will get lost, it can't it's attached. Your child's name can be embroidered onto the attached blanket as an optional upgrade.  Most parents opt for this as it helps their child recognize their name, yet gives kids the star treatment.

5. Easy - Web handles and light weight make this nap mat easy to carry for even the smallest child. Easy to clean, easy to carry, easy to love. What Mom doesn't love that?

With fun colors and trendy accents like racing flags, pirates, flowers, guitars and more, have your child pick out their personalized nap mat.  Getting them involved will generate excitement about the new daycare or school changes in their life.


Paige Bily

Date 6/24/2011 12:26:00 PM

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